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Wednesday, May 5

Boredom makes me think

Well, I've been stuck here in Sun Valley now for a few weeks by myself and it's felt like a LIFETIME! Since the friends that I made here left, I decided there's kind of no point in trying to make new ones, since I'll be in Boise, ID in just a few weeks! Back with all of my friends and family. :) I miss them all SO much!

So, I've had plenty of time to ponder, watch TV (which I usually, rarely do), watch movies, play guitar - write new songs and learn new covers - and NOT date.

Yes...that is NOT date. It's been...well...I can't remember how long it's been since I went on a REAL date. But, that's ok, because I'm emotionally, physically and spiritually trying to get it all back together. If I was even "together" in the first place...ha. The last time I was in Boise, just a week or so ago, I had the opportunity to spend a little time with some guy friends. It was very very nice. I've decided that I need good MEN around me...to remind me what I want. :) So, good guy friends...would you please stand up?

I've been debating on the next poll...trying to decide what would be useful, as I believe the first one was very much...if not just for me :). If you have a suggestion of something YOU'D like to know...let me know and I'll make it my next poll!

OH, I finally wrote the song...about "Ted", my last boyfriend. You will not see me ever using real names of past guys I've dated...any time I put a name in quotes, that will tell ya that it's fake. :) Best to keep SOME privacy, right?!...

So, the song...it's simple simple simple...much more than I expected. I kept trying to write it, messing around with different minor chords...sad sounds...thinking it was going to be something so devastatingly sad. Not until after I finished reading The Peacegiver, by James L. Ferrell, was I ready to write that song. It taught me true forgiveness, which isn't something I had offered "Ted" fully, until understanding what it meant to forgive. This is a wonderful Christian book that can teach EVERYONE about how to have a true, meaningful, relationship. And the song...it's wonderfully strong and beautiful. Like I hope to be always.