Hi! I'm a Latter-Day-Saint (Mormon)...but I'm definitely not typical...

Friday, April 23

Eye candy. There is this new guy working 4 Sun Valley...blonde...and has a tattoo on his chest that barely shows when wearing his work shirt...just looking :)

Sunday, April 18


FIRST of all.....

No wonder dating is SO hard these days!! If any of you have seen the poll results, our views of the roles during the courting "process" are SCREWED UP. Out of the 5 guys that took the poll...3 wanted to be chased! WHAT?! NO...nononono...this is NOT right. Only 1 out of the 9 girls that took the poll wanted to chase...the rest...as it should be...wanted to be hunted!

Look men...you are MADE to be the hunters. As the above picture shows...women want to be found, loved, taken care of, nurtered and protected. This is how we were CREATED as a race. Inherently...men have been given that "hunter/gatherer" gene, and women...the desire to be found...and wooed by that handsome, caring, loving man. Of course, there will always be exceptions! Every once in awhile, there will be a girl that likes to do the chasing more than being chased, and vice-versa...BUT...this is much more rare.

It is no wonder that the divorce rate in this world is over 50%...probably even higher now since I checked. Even in my religion...the Mormon religion...we are getting married at higher ages, having less children, and have a 50% divorce rate!

THE PROBLEM - It all started with women's suffrage. We wanted an equal voice! And, that is the way it should have always been. But, there was a confusion in the process. Feminism came to play...there are many different branches/types/layers of feminism, some being radical, post-modern, first, second and third wave feminism. They are VERY different. Many things I agree with and many I do not. I believe there is absolute necessity for everyone's voices to be heard in the scholarly world, business world....etc....and that women's voices are finally beginning to be heard, BUT...there has been HUGE confusion on the subject of courting. Men have been VERY mislead through all this, thinking that if women wanted to be equal, then they must not want things to be done for them...opening doors, pulling out chairs, ordering the meal...and even asking on dates. I have spoken to many younger girls who find it completely normal to ask guys on dates on a regular basis. WHOA!! THAT is where the problem is! Now, our men have grown up and will continue to grow up confused unless we clear this up! Men who still know what it is to be a man will find you! (Now men...I know you are men :)

A few good friends have taught me some really great things recently--->
- Be patient, and the right man will find YOU...i.e....he will ask you out!...flirt it up! :)
- It will only end right, if it starts right.

Now, I am not trying to take all of the responsibility away from the women! Guys, don't think that at all! Women, watch the old movies! Even then, the women flirted their way into the men's hearts! They did not EXPECT that the guy should just KNOW to ask them out! Men aren't mind readers, you know! Flirt, dress up, wear makeup...and make it pretty obvious that you like them! They'll pick up on the hints eventually.... :) That IS our responsibility. Don't play stupid, idiotic, high school games and make them wonder....that is just ridiculous. There will always be flirtatiousness and small game-playing to keep things alive...but make sure they know how you FEEL.

That is my rant!

PS...little other thing that has recently bothered me...please please...DON'T, in the first conversation with a cute person, decide your future! I was talking to a guy the other night...last night...who decided to already decide in his mind...our FIRST time hanging out...that we could never be married. WHAT?!....WOW...jumping the gun, much?! Can we please just have fun and enjoy each-other's company and then if something is meant to happen...down the road...it happens?! Stop being so serious people, and have FUN! (Even I know that dating is meant to be fun...even if sometimes it isn't :)


Sunday, April 11

Friends and Fun

Friends are SO important in our lives! Until I met these two great girls while living in a new town in Idaho I wasn't doing very well. I was hopping around from one guy to the next, not making wise decisions and living a pretty depressed and unhappy life. Although, not completely in the dumps all the time, I really needed people around that loved me. I had some family in the area, but did not see them too often, and really needed some girl friends. Let me tell you...once the three of us started hanging out, everything changed! I just LOVE good friends. I have SO many and am very very blessed for that.

There are a few other things I have been thinking about lately that have just frustrated me, and I want to get some feedback from all of you!

WHY do we sometimes think that the only way to have fun is when there is a member of the opposite sex present? I was actually at a recent reception of a friend of mine, dancing away, and realized that many of my friends/acquaintances weren't dancing. When I went up to them to see why, one said "There aren't any guys dancing. When there are more guys, we'll dance." SERIOUSLY?! Wow. I'm amazed at how we sometimes think our happiness has to be dependant upon whether or not someone likes us. Honestly...how often throughout the day do you check your phone to see if the "current flame" has texted you back? Don't get me wrong, everything I say in this blog is something I have felt...I understand all of these things...but can't believe sometimes that I have actually felt them.

MAKE A LIST:: What do YOU want to do in life?...what do YOU want to accomplish. Things that are NOT dependant upon whether or not you find the right one or are married with children. (Thank you Mom for suggesting this to me...) I have started my list and am already up to 26 things...mostly places I want to travel to...can't wait!

Good guy friends:...You know...sometimes when I'm just talking to a good guy friend of mine, and we're having a really great conversation, I think about how well we get along and just want to say -> "Will you marry me?" Seriously...dating is SO overrated. It can be fun...but now it's become monotenous to me...I don't remember the last time I really had FUN with a guy...I mean...fun as in...every time I hang out with him! It's rare now...

PS...Only a few days left to take the poll!...I'm SURPRISED at the outcome so far!

Saturday, April 10

There's nothing better than having great friends around to remind u how awesome u r :-) I don't need a man for that! How have friends helped U thru hard times?

Wednesday, April 7

You know...no matter how many failed relationships I've had I've never been one of those ppl that can just shut my heart off. I am always able to love...I feel blessed for that...

Tuesday, April 6

The first...

Well, here goes.

I've thought of at least 20 different entries for this first blog, and I'm pretty sure my mind was SO overwhelmed that I'm just going to write whatever comes out :) But, because I do tend to jump from one subject to another pretty quickly and easily...think "Squirrel!", from the movie, Up!...I will try to focus on only a few things...with a strong emphasis on TRY :)

First of all, for a little brief overview of what I'm going to try and accomplish with this blog, it's this -
           - I tend to overwhelm friends and family with my "stories" of dating, relationships, my feelings, my goals, etc....so...instead of pouring everything out onto them, I'll send them out into the black hole...i.e.the internet.
           - Help myself share with others what I've learned through my dating experiences. Also, my own self-discoveries through life and the dating process.
          - Give other women - and MEN, if they so desire :) -  a forum in which to discuss their dating/relationship experiences...and hopefully learn from each other!

How did I decide to do this blog about dating?...well....

I was driving in the car with my younger brother last weekend, and telling him how I wanted to start another blog, but I couldn't figure out what to write about. I currently have a blog based more on my spiritual life, spiritual aspects...etc...and wanted to write something that more people can relate to.He said, "what about guy?" HAHA!! I've NOT been dating...on purpose. It's NOT something I want to do right now, so of course I said "no!" Well...after some more talk, I realized...there is nothing else I would have more FUN writing about. :)...for many many reasons...

So, dating can be pretty retarded. REALLY...that's my definition of dating, for now, anyway. Take for instance my most recent experience...I moved for my most recent, ex-boyfriend. Not across town...across states. To say, in short....it didn't work out. Surprise surprise!...

LESSON LEARNED: Never change your life for a guy. If it's meant to be, be patient....and he'll change HIS life...for you.

Everyone should check out my friend, Elaine's blog! I was her roomy in college and loved that she let me shop in her closet before she moved away....Clothed Much.

Monday, April 5

Golf with my brother...

My brothers are the ONLY men I need in my life right now...why date, when you're emotionally retarded?

Chant it out loud if you are..."I AM emotionally retarded!"

I mean, really...I kissed FIVE guys within two months of breaking up with my last boyfriend. And one I would even call just to make out with him...he knew it...and didn't hate it...oh gosh...I'm an idiot. Everyone participate in my first poll!

Would you rather CHASE/HUNT or be CHASED/HUNTED? :)