Hi! I'm a Latter-Day-Saint (Mormon)...but I'm definitely not typical...

Thursday, April 14


So...I wrote the title for this link awhile ago when I was going through some....well...trying times ;) I'm glad I didn't write anything then, because my outlook has changed IMMENSELY. I love that don't you?...a change in attitude brings a change in life.

I've found some new hobbies lately...ok...new hobby actually....LOL. Baking! I love love love making anything sweet and tasty, breads...etc. Kneading really gets out the anger! haha See below for an experiment I did just today, actually!

Don't ask me how I come up with ideas for what I'm going to make...they kind of just appear out of thin air, but I usually find recipes off . This time I found the yummy oreo-like cream for the middle off a stay at home dad's website.... They are EXTREMELY rich...so I'm glad I've gotten my Gold's Gym membership back recently and have been kind of psycho about getting in shape again! My friend and I love to go together ;)...we have a super great time! She's an amazing friend and example to me, love her tons ;)

SO...as usual I'm dating a TON, but nothing. I mean...hmmm...how do I say this?...I'm just not sure? I really don't despise dating as much as I've let on to, really...BUT...it just gets a little monotonous. I imagine most of you will agree, there?

As you can tell I'm a pretty religious person...and I know most if not all of you that read this article are to some degree as well. Well, our church has been going through a sort of change lately. In this past year or so they have re-organized all of our single adult congregations to no longer have students and non-students separated. For some reason they had them separated before...don't ask me why. Anyway, I now belong to a new congregation with new faces...and I'm COMPLETELY excited! We finally found out with whom/where we'd be meeting just today. So next week starts it all of. They say it's to help find those who have fallen away and to find our eternal companions...i.e....marriage! hahaha...well...what I'm REALLY excited about is the opportunity to serve in a new group of people. I can't tell you how excited I am! And, you know...if I happen to meet the Mr. for me along the way, then....yippppeee!

Anyway...I have an idea...I was thinking while I was baking today...I've grown up being pretty old-fashioned with the whole...I don't ask guys on dates thing. I'm tired of it and want to do a fun experiment. For one week I want to go on one date a night. Whether I'm asked out by the guy or I ask someone out doesn't matter. So...I will flirt my little heart out to get asked and if I don't...then I'll ask! I want to blog about each date after they happen to see the difference between if I ask or get asked.

What do you think?? I put up a pole...say yea or nay ;)

Love you all!

Here's a face for you!