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Saturday, February 11

In Style

We all want to be completely in style, right? Well, some of us ;) I'm one of those weird girls that enjoys reading fashion magazines and trying the new styles. But really, I just like to know what is current so when I go shopping I know what to look for! I hate looking like a dummy...haha. Growing up, I lived in a small town and wore Levi's 501's just about every day with a t-shirt. Nothing special. Sundays were the days when I dressed up. I did always enjoy putting on a skirt and doing my hair, but didn't have the drive to do that every day...but Sundays were definitely my day to doll it up. NOW...I LOVE fashion! I am an avid reader of In Style...why, do you ask? Well, I always loved magazines, but a few years ago I decided that they all had those disgusting articles on "How to please your man in bed...", etc. So, I didn't buy magazines. Then, one day I decided to look at the covers of each magazine for a few months in a row while I was standing in line every time I went to the grocery store to see if I could possibly find which magazine(s) didn't run sex articles. After a few months of looking, I realized only TWO women's fashion magazines don't run them - In Style and Vogue. I love both of them but gravitate toward In Style for its readability. I will definitely be sharing some of my favorite fashion tips of the moment...whenever I get the urge to. One of my favorite things right now is pink lipstick! Now...I would definitely go with a color that's good with your skin. Make sure to try with the cheaper brands so you're not wasting too much money before you go and buy some super expensive color you hate! I absolutely LOVE this color! And guess what? It's Wet 'n Wild..in Retro Pink$.97 at Walmart! So fun :)
So, that's my current favorite trend :)

Also, my brothers are in town and my brother's adorable pregnant girlfriend is too adorable! Isn't life fantastastic? The fact that we can literally create another person inside of us...well...half of us :)...is just absolutely amazing. She talks about the baby flipping around in her and how it feels and it just seems so surreal to me. I can't wait for that experience ;) I'll definitely be patient for it. Patience...it's been easier for me lately...and I'm completely grateful for that :)

SO...what are YOUR favorite fashion trends? :)

PS...if you want to know how to work the wardrobe you already have, take a look at my ex-roomie's internet site, that just started out as a modest blog - Clothed Much I shopped through her closet a few times when we lived together ;) This girl knows how to dress!

<3 Jamee