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Hi! My life is all about encouraging others to be happy and find joy in their lives. I am a public speaker, singer and motivator by heart. Let me help you! Tell me your struggles...tell me your trials...we will work on them together! Love always, Jamee

Sunday, October 31

Trying them out...

So, I am going to try all of your suggestions this week and get back to you with the winner! I hope everyone has an absolutely spooky, wonderful Halloween!

And, P.S....Justin...how can I try out your suggestion unless you text me back to set that appointment? ;)

Amy...I'm sad I can't try out your main suggestion...find me a man that I can marry this week and then we'll see!...no pressure

What were you for Halloween?....I was an 80's girl for a few different dress-up days (big surprise) and then an Indian girl with the fake Henna on my hand and all...look at the photo!

I love going out for Halloween with the girls...aren't we cute?

Friday, October 29

A Question For All Of You...

This is a question I have for you readers...please post your answers in a comment...

What is your favorite activity(s) to keep your mind off your stress and drama and why?

The person whose answer best helps my current situation...i.e...I will test your answer by applying it in my current stressful life...will be sent a crocheted beanie made by me!

Thanks! I look forward to hearing from you...