Hi! I'm a Latter-Day-Saint (Mormon)...but I'm definitely not typical...

Sunday, January 23


So, I've been on a type of hiatus I guess you could say. Not knowing what to write...making out with random guys again...and then finding a great one. I was pretty confused as to what I did to deserve spending time with this so-called great one....so...here's a list.

1. I was tired of dating.
2. The End.

NO...seriously....really....that's kind of it. I grew up being the "social butterfly", planning the parties or always knowing about them. I didn't understand why anyone would ever want to stay in, when they could go out! One Summer in particular I was the one people always called because I knew what was happenin' in town.

Anyway, I found myself sitting at work one day when, during lunch, my work friend texts and asks me if I like shy guys. Eh...I've had my share of them...one REALLY backfired on me because I think he thought I was embarrassing with how loud I'd get at parties. And obviously the others hadn't panned out. But, I was willing to try it anyway. So....I said..."I could." Anyway...long story short...he's no one I'd ever have picked for myself because I obviously suck at picking guys for myself...I'm still single. So, I completely enjoy it when people set me up!

This is what happens when person A sets person B up with person C.
Person A: Wow...person B is cool!
Wow...person C is cool! I'd better set person B up with person C because they'd never be smart enough to see the cool things in each other without me. I'm awesome!

And yes, person A is awesome. Thank you!

The problem is...we're not able to see the great things in ourselves all the time. Or, the things that would make us compatible with others. Often we go out to look for a person of the opposite sex and go..."HEY.....they're hot! Owow!" And then our libidos find a connection and we forget about compatibility. That's something that's just supposed to appear later down the road, right?! I mean...if this connection (mostly physical) is supposed to last past a few dates...compatibility will appear!....out of thin air! We're smart cookies.

So...back to the story of sexy person C. We're set up! It goes well...we go out...over and over and over again. Yes...still. I know! And the best part of the whole story is...he's a better guy than I would have ever thought I deserved. I would have judged him if I picked him for myself and thought he'd never go out with me or think I'm good enough...because I'm loud...and have kissed too many guys. But....guess what? He's sweet...caring...understanding (important!!)...forgiving...and non-judgmental. And so far...it's tons of fun :)

Who knows! But, the thing is...I had to get sick of dating so much that I'd been enjoying hanging out at home more than going out. And that was just ODD to me...I didn't understand myself. But, I've figured out it's ok, because, eventually you have to get sick of dating everyone, to ever just want to date one person.

Love you all! That's the story for now.

PS...I recorded a kinda Demo....yeah...trying to follow my dreams somewhat in that area, too...oh life! How exciting!