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Friday, June 27

I am married...

To this super handsome man!! Girls - I scored big. Not only is he 26 (winkwink - can anyone say younger and spunkier man?) - he is sweet and loving.
Let me tell you though - never give up. If you put the other person first, then the love you need comes back to you.
Also - be patient! Trust yourself, and in Heavenly Father's plan for you. Like Gordon B. Hinckley has said - "everything will work out."
And gosh dang...look how well it worked out for both of us! Are we just so good-looking?! (Ok, it's called a professional photographer, but still :-)

Love to all of you! We will keep the big updates here - jobs/etc.....you know ;-)

Yay for temple marriage! There is nothing better :-)