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Hi! My life is all about encouraging others to be happy and find joy in their lives. I am a public speaker, singer and motivator by heart. Let me help you! Tell me your struggles...tell me your trials...we will work on them together! Love always, Jamee

Tuesday, November 29

A Rant

WARNING!! This is SERIOUSLY a bit of a rant! More positivity next time is definitely needed. PS...look above under my header for Kristina's Take ;) One of my best friends! She's so smart...and we definitely have different lives and points of view. love it, love her. Kristina and I at Temple Square in Salt Lake City, UT. Isn't it beautiful?

OK....it was late! When I say "reading" this, I obviously mean watching this. And...by ALL of my brothers...I mean...both of my brothers. Wow...I just listened to this again...I was definitely on a soap box...as I get when it's late...and I'm tired. I don't blame you if you don't listen to the whole thing ;) Love you all!

Sunday, November 20

Day 2 of Vlogging :)

Since I didn't say anything about it in my video...obviously...still no men....obviously...I mean...it's been what...a few days? haha. PS...does anyone have any advice on how to make talking to a camera not so awkward? It's hard for me to not have to re-do my video a few times to make sure I don't sound too fake...lol...(should I picture my best friend while I'm talking?...haha) Kthanksbye!

Wednesday, November 16

Back HOME!

Will a video blog be better? If anything...it will be easier...and much easier overrall to just say what I want to say...when I want to say it :) Good nightly journal, anyway...enjoy!