Hi! I'm a Latter-Day-Saint (Mormon)...but I'm definitely not typical...

Saturday, February 19


Yes...I had an awesome fun date tonight! Maybe I'm not boring after all ;)

PSPSSS...This guy thinks my voice is wonderful...I absolutely love compliments! They can keep me going for SO long! Feeling important is key people...key

ppppsss...don't forget to get my CD with the "Buy Now" button at the upper left. Ok...now I promise I'm done selling my darn CD...back to business with finding the right man! Tonight was a possibility...total possibility...will get back to you on this.

Night!...or...should I say...morning ;)

Thursday, February 17


So...the story goes...

I was at my roommate's church activity one night and they were having a service auction. We were having a good time...listening to people auction off fun things like "dinner for four", car washes and pies.
But then I heard one that made my stomach flip..."A Day in the Studio." No...freaking....way! And of course, as usual...I was poor! My brother, the sweet man that he is, said, "You have to have that! I'll help you buy it." So, after raising my hand a million times it felt like, I got a whole day in the studio for $65. Unheard of! The only thing about this is a REAL demo takes a long, long time. Not only one day. So...we had twenty-four hours to lay down some tracks and I had no idea what to expect. I had all these songs in mind...some covers...some originals...etc. But when I got there, I played about 6 songs and he chose three originals. He told me the problem with covers is there's always a better version out there somewhere. SO...3 originals later...and one cover I kept solely for myself :)..since I can't legally distribute it...I had a CD.

It took 9 hours...9 hours! The only real instruments on this CD are my voice and my guitar...that's it! The rest of the instruments are from his amazing MAC Computer. I want one! This man was genius and I thank him for everything he did! He brought my simple songs to life. Although my voice is not in peak condition...(I'm currently taking voice lessons again to bring it back from the dead)...I'm proud with the finished product! I hope you all love it, because I had a great time! My favorite track is track 3...the very first song I ever wrote...crazy.

I love you all!

Monday, February 14

The History of Valentine's Day

So...since this day of love is upon us I thought it only necessary that someone research WHY this holiday is celebrated and WHERE it came from! This is a very quick post so...let's hope the information is accurate...haha...

Basically...in a nutshell...Valentine's Day is named after a bishop, named St. Valentine, who married Roman soldiers secretly, against Emperor Claudius II's wishes. This was during a time when the Roman empire was in great distress while trying to fight off enemies from all sides. Emperor Claudius II issued a law forbidding soldiers to be wed, because he believed it made them weak. The soldiers, when thinking of marriage, would seek out St. Valentine, who did not agree with this decree, and marry them in secret.

Eventually the secret became known, and he was executed on Feb. 14, 270 AD. But, not before he signed a letter to his dear friend, and signed it "From Your Valentine." There are two versions of this story that differ in certain areas, but these are the few areas that they agree on.

Some of us have mixed feelings of this holiday...growing up I never really liked it, having been dumped on and right before the holiday over and over...BUT...the older I get the more I appreciate it and the more I appreciate love itself.

No, I'm not great at giving gifts...ask my family :) But, I hope I get better at showing my love and affection.

In closing I just want to share this wonderful poem...for those of you down in the dumbs during this day of celebration and adoration...

Oh Me! Oh Life!

Oh me! O life! of the questions of these recurring,
Of the endless traines of the faithless, of cities fill’d with the
Of myself forever reproaching myself, (for who more foolish
than I, and who more faithless?)
Of eyes that vainly crave the light, of the objects mean, of the
struggle ever renew’d
Of the poor results of all, of the plodding and sordid crowds I
see around me,
Of the empty and useless years of the rest, with the rest me
The question, O me! so sad, recurring–What good amid these,
O me, O life?


That you are here–that life exists and identity,
That the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse.

by Walt Whitman

I absolutely LOVE this poem. It's poignant and meaningful. Life is wonderful! We MUST embrace it.

Monday, February 7

Broken Much?

What's not a surprise?

Well, that I blog about my life on the internet...so openly. That's not a surprise. Everyone says I think out loud...for a fact, I know I do. Thoughts don't really exist in my head in a complete FORMED thought until I talk them out. I know...I'm weird.

Number two not a surprise is the fact that, yesterday I could be dating someone...and, now... I could not be. You take that as you may. And...yes...>> you're right.

I'm just going to put a little interjection in here and say that I pray that the guy/man/boy...whatever... that I end up marrying one day will completely appreciate this blog for what it is...fun :)...because I'm a super open person. The fact is that I need a FORUM to express how I feel!! Do you understand what I mean? ;)

And how I feel is...I don't know...confusion. I'm super content in almost all areas of my life right now. Work is great, friends are superb, church is heavenly ;) and my bills are getting paid off! Besides that, I guess everything else is the same so I shouldn't be surprised.

But the fact is, that I haven't found a man that loves me for me! I have a wonderful brother that says I never stay with a guy long enough to let him know the real me...thanks, brother...you're awesome...and you're right...I need to put more effort into relationships and not just move on when they're not fun anymore.

And this last time, I really feel like I did! I feel that I put more effort into it this time than I ever have before. And, well that makes me feel good about myself...but also disappointed that it didn't bring more results...just more confusion. But...maybe next time? I have learned patience and effort are key. It's not always a cake walk people!...but I know it gets better :)

The fact is...I am who I am!! I'm fun, spontaneous, flirtatious, tall, blonde, old....er....*ha*, adventurous, smart and somewhat talented :). But I also have my negatives! I'm talkative (too much at times), overwhelming, impatient, opinionated, quick to react and I'm sure many other things! BUT I'm completely willing to work on these things. Some things make me...well...ME. I won't give those things up - not for anything or anyone. But, other things aren't as important! Although I like being talkative, sometimes it's overwhelming...there are pluses and negatives people. We all need to be willing to sacrifice to become our best selves. We can't hold on to those things about us that hold us back from becoming GREAT. A patient, loving, caring man makes me even greater and want to change those things about myself that aren't so great.

So, don't be afraid! Stop settling for the less-than-great you....because you're sublime...superb and there's always someone that loves you for you, and sees your potential! I love you for you...for sure ;)

You know, I was going to write a lot more...but I feel good about ending it on this note....
Answer me this!...
Who has made you even greater?...and how??