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Thursday, June 30

The World is NOT Perfect...And Neither Are YOU!

See link above (click the title of the post ;)....girls, watch this movie!!! Seriously. I'll come back to the point I want to make about this flick later on in my post.

But, first thing! WHO...in their RIGHT MIND...thought that Jamee Lee could EVER stick to being grounded from men?! Like....WHO? Seriously, though. I suck. I can't stick to that to save my life. WELL...at least I didn't think I could...which is why I didn't.

Every girl needs good guy friends. It's true, though. I know...it's actually almost virtually impossible to have guy friends that are exactly that - just friends. But, every once in awhile, they do come in handy. And NO...I'm not talking about for cuddle sessions or arm candy...or...those random make-outs...haha...but seriously...don't do that ;) Anyway, what I'm talking about is for good advice, from a real man, when absolutely, completely necessary.

So, I had YET AGAIN...set another date during the time that I was not supposed to be dating - i.e....the date would have been this Friday. With a guy that I've gone on some dates with before. Well, every once in awhile...ok...pretty often, I get really hyper! (Esp. at night! I'm a complete night owl.) So, I texted said guy curious to see what he was up to...needing an adventure, cause he's usually good for random fun-ness. Long story short he ended up coming to my place and we started talking on my balcony. Right when I mentioned my current dating situations and the plan that I HAD made to take a break, but that I couldn't do it, he interrupted with, "No! You need to do it. If I had the choice I'd rather take Jamee who knows who she is, what she wants and at her best than Jamee right now. If there are things that you feel you need to work on/figure out, then do it!" WOW. And then he proceeded to get on his soapbox about my worth/Heavenly Father's plan for me/how negativity is from Satan and that I need to push it away. And, yes, I let him stay on that soapbox for awhile. I decided as long as he continued to make valid points I wouldn't interrupt. Well, I didn't interrupt and eventually he had to leave because it was getting late. What a good man and great friend! Thank you ;)

SO...my dating break is now reaffirmed. If I'm going to be my BEST self...figure out why everything keeps going sour for me (bleh!) and remember how AWESOME I am, then I need time and space! A good start will be spending this 4th of July weekend with my parents and family in Boise! Yipppeeee for people that love you no matter what! ah...family ;) "Hey I'm a dumb head...but you love me anyway!"

Ok...back to this SUPER cute movie with Hilary Duff! I know..you're thinking...Hilary Duff...really, Jamee?...yeah...I don't think so. BUT...WAIT! Listen...I know she's a Disney actress gone mainstream but what I love about her is she's cute, she's a real woman..i.e...not too skinny!, she's always SO loveable in all of her movies, and...well...I just want her as my best friend! She always chooses such upbeat roles. Me gusta.

So, the movie is about lists....WOMEN! Why do we make LISTS?...why? Seriously. How insane can you be? Why would we make lists that no human being yet alone super hero could ever measure up to?! Good way to never get married...make a list and never date any guy except the one that meets all expectations. Have fun with your cats, ladies!....meeeeow...coughcough...furball. Throw them out! Say it with me...I'm not perfect, so why should I expect perfection? And bytheway...if you DO think you're perfect, try again! Come off your high horse and really take a look in the mirror. Sure, you're funny, interesting, educated hopefully!, talented, beautiful...blah, blah, blah. But please! See men as they really are...they're people. They aren't perfect. They're not all going to fit your little list of requirements. Seriously...and hopefully they DON'T! Because, when is the last time you had fun with a LIST?!...grocery shopping? bleh.

Be grateful you're NOT perfect! Just the way you were meant to be. ;) Embrace it, and keep striving to become better. Love you for who you are, don't try to be anyone you're not and you'll find the right man. I'm working on it. Let's do it together ;)

Love you!


Wednesday, June 22

My Bad!

So, obviously I didn't do the one date a night thing. Ok...my bad...sorry for kinda lying.... :( After I had decided to do this, I talked with a few more people whom I respect and decided that it may not be the best decision. For many different reasons, I ended up deciding against it. Not that I don't still date...because...GOODNESS KNOWS...I do! Or...I had been. Right now I'm trying to take a break for a minute...but we know how that goes, especially with me. They NEVER last. Breaks. haha. yeah...nope! So, because they don't I decided to ground myself. "Jamee! You're grounded, dangit! Stop making bad decisions! Seriously...though...no really, stop it."
SO, I'm grounded. Let's just say that it's hard, and I'm really not perfect at it. I've even (accidentally?) gone on a date during it...um...oops? Bah! The fact is, that if I don't give myself time off I definitely won't figure out what I need to. I won't figure out why I can't communicate correctly in a realtionship or what I'm doing wrong while in one that leads it astray. I need to take this time to figure myself out....AGAIN....at 29...ALMOST 30...geez. Really??! Really.
So, let's just face the facts. I didn't grow up in the best of circumstances to know how to correctly communicate in an emotional/physical relationship. And hey...maybe my friendships aren't too hot as well?...I don't know. BUT, all I know that this time is for ME, to spend with myself. It's time for me to get to know and accept ALL of me...not just the surface stuff. This whole self-discovery thing kinda sucks sometimes...but it must be done. Then, I will realize how smart, beautiful, amazing, fun and talented I really am. I will realize all of the beautiful traits that Heavenly Father has given me and I will once again want to share them with others. But I need to know what they are and love those things, to do that. So....moral is...LOVE WHO YOU ARE! You are amazing. I love you all.