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Wednesday, June 22

My Bad!

So, obviously I didn't do the one date a night thing. Ok...my bad...sorry for kinda lying.... :( After I had decided to do this, I talked with a few more people whom I respect and decided that it may not be the best decision. For many different reasons, I ended up deciding against it. Not that I don't still date...because...GOODNESS KNOWS...I do! Or...I had been. Right now I'm trying to take a break for a minute...but we know how that goes, especially with me. They NEVER last. Breaks. haha. yeah...nope! So, because they don't I decided to ground myself. "Jamee! You're grounded, dangit! Stop making bad decisions! Seriously...though...no really, stop it."
SO, I'm grounded. Let's just say that it's hard, and I'm really not perfect at it. I've even (accidentally?) gone on a date during it...um...oops? Bah! The fact is, that if I don't give myself time off I definitely won't figure out what I need to. I won't figure out why I can't communicate correctly in a realtionship or what I'm doing wrong while in one that leads it astray. I need to take this time to figure myself out....AGAIN....at 29...ALMOST 30...geez. Really??! Really.
So, let's just face the facts. I didn't grow up in the best of circumstances to know how to correctly communicate in an emotional/physical relationship. And hey...maybe my friendships aren't too hot as well?...I don't know. BUT, all I know that this time is for ME, to spend with myself. It's time for me to get to know and accept ALL of me...not just the surface stuff. This whole self-discovery thing kinda sucks sometimes...but it must be done. Then, I will realize how smart, beautiful, amazing, fun and talented I really am. I will realize all of the beautiful traits that Heavenly Father has given me and I will once again want to share them with others. But I need to know what they are and love those things, to do that. So....moral is...LOVE WHO YOU ARE! You are amazing. I love you all.

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