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Friday, October 29

A Question For All Of You...

This is a question I have for you readers...please post your answers in a comment...

What is your favorite activity(s) to keep your mind off your stress and drama and why?

The person whose answer best helps my current situation...i.e...I will test your answer by applying it in my current stressful life...will be sent a crocheted beanie made by me!

Thanks! I look forward to hearing from you...


  1. Hey kid, the best way for me to relieve stress is to hit the gym, go on a run/bike ride. Anything that is gonna get the blood pumping, and release those endorphins that everyone loves so much! The key to this tho, as much as getting the endorphins is nice, the music is key. For me, cause I lift, I love to listen to some good rock. BUT!!! If you're stressed, and looking for some calm, then honestly, as hard as it is, run to some EFY music, it's not so much to pump you up, but to let you clear your mind. Hope that this helps :)

  2. Well, I'm not going to win the beanie with this! Reading is my automatic response to stress. That's right--reading. Not anything fluffy or stupid--something that engages a good chunk of my mind. Now, I will say that yesterday when I thought I might kill someone (NEVER try to put together cheap assembly-required furniture in the company of two 17-month-olds), I threw the boyos in the stroller and went for a walk. It was cold, it was windy...and I just kept walking. So sometimes exercise works, maybe because I can do it with the babies around. In the last week I've also tried screaming, eating chocolate, and hitting things violently...none of which helped that much.

  3. You already know my answer! :) But have you tried journaling? Often, when I feel completely out of control, sitting down with a pen and paper and just writing helps me get to what I need to do to lessen some of the stress. It's all about controling what I can and letting go of what I can't. And...working out is a great one. Love you love you love you!!

  4. I have found that everything everyone here has said works for me. Writing in a journal, reading (especially the scriptures), exercise is great also. Another thing that has been helpful for me is spending time with friends talking about stuff. Usually I go to someone I can trust which I have known for a while like my home teachers or my sister or a manager at work. The most helpful thing I have found in dealing with stress is prayer.
    I have had times where I have felt anxious about a particular thing in my life and I have been able to go to him in prayer and ask for his peace. I have in an instant been relieved of my fears and anxiety through prayer.

  5. Some weeks my life is all about getting away from drama.
    The key is to indulge yourself completely by disengaging your mind from your crabby reality. Movies, following a TV show all the way or video games (adventure/story works best)work well for me. That should be supplemented by creative activities when your reality begins to seep into your conscious thoughts too much. The key is to focus on OTHER people's stories and problems. Lending an ear to a friend is good too. Painting or writing (fictionalizing my problems)is what I do a lot, but since you are musical as well, you have even more options than me ;).I strongly recommend volunteering the rest of your free time, since helping others will help to push your problems into the back of your mind and make you feel better about yourself simultaneously. Worked for me anyway. :) Sunday used to be the crabbiest day of my week, so I'd spent all day Saturday volunteering to "brace myself" for the coming mess.

    In conclusion: Do stuff that makes you think of others (fictional or real), or other things and not about yourself.

    I would like to note that 'forgetting' reality is not a permanent solution-eventually you'll need to "fix" whatever is stressing you out!!!
    Good luck!

  6. http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/product.asp?SKU=14835865

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    perfection!!!!!! Some aromatherapy to go along with it... ahhh... takes me to such a heavenly place!

    Kelsie Stanfill

  7. Getting out of the house with good friends and just being active doing anything. Ping Pong works really well. I've even been told by some that giving Justin Rae a massage you get a lot of stress out. I don't know if that's from giving the massage or getting one back afterwards. But apparently you're going to try all these recommendations so you'll have to let me know how that goes.

  8. Sex has been working great for me...but I guess you're not really able to use that one... You know...I've always wanted to go to the bakery and buy a small layered chocolate cake and start eating in the middle (I got it from One Tree Hill...Brooke Davis)...

  9. so far I have worked out (always love it!) and given (not gotten...) a massage - to Justin....still have yet to do the others! they will get done...I will at least START reading the books suggested as well ;)