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Sunday, October 31

Trying them out...

So, I am going to try all of your suggestions this week and get back to you with the winner! I hope everyone has an absolutely spooky, wonderful Halloween!

And, P.S....Justin...how can I try out your suggestion unless you text me back to set that appointment? ;)

Amy...I'm sad I can't try out your main suggestion...find me a man that I can marry this week and then we'll see!...no pressure

What were you for Halloween?....I was an 80's girl for a few different dress-up days (big surprise) and then an Indian girl with the fake Henna on my hand and all...look at the photo!

I love going out for Halloween with the girls...aren't we cute?


  1. did you get my suggestions? 'cause my comment isn't showin' up. :(

  2. I did! Sorry, I can see it...my blog has a glitch :(