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Monday, November 8

The winner!!!


This is the deal...after this week my stress is MUCH less.

What worked the most for me was talking to those people that really care about me....so all of you know...I decided that out of everyone, I think that Trevor is the winner. I have also fasted and prayed. The help that I have received had been TREMENDOUS! Thank you to everyone!

P.S....in keeping with the theme of my blog...I am curious...am I doing something wrong? I have been asked out by more guys at work than from church...what's with that? Not that the guys from work aren't great, but....just sayin'...

I'm going to have to think about the impression I'm giving off...

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  1. maybe you're giving off a more industrious scent and not such a strong religious scent. i'd try changing soaps. :P