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Thursday, February 17


So...the story goes...

I was at my roommate's church activity one night and they were having a service auction. We were having a good time...listening to people auction off fun things like "dinner for four", car washes and pies.
But then I heard one that made my stomach flip..."A Day in the Studio." No...freaking....way! And of course, as usual...I was poor! My brother, the sweet man that he is, said, "You have to have that! I'll help you buy it." So, after raising my hand a million times it felt like, I got a whole day in the studio for $65. Unheard of! The only thing about this is a REAL demo takes a long, long time. Not only one day. So...we had twenty-four hours to lay down some tracks and I had no idea what to expect. I had all these songs in mind...some covers...some originals...etc. But when I got there, I played about 6 songs and he chose three originals. He told me the problem with covers is there's always a better version out there somewhere. SO...3 originals later...and one cover I kept solely for myself :)..since I can't legally distribute it...I had a CD.

It took 9 hours...9 hours! The only real instruments on this CD are my voice and my guitar...that's it! The rest of the instruments are from his amazing MAC Computer. I want one! This man was genius and I thank him for everything he did! He brought my simple songs to life. Although my voice is not in peak condition...(I'm currently taking voice lessons again to bring it back from the dead)...I'm proud with the finished product! I hope you all love it, because I had a great time! My favorite track is track 3...the very first song I ever wrote...crazy.

I love you all!


  1. Hey! I didn't even know you had a blog until today! Now I can keep up with you! So where do we buy the cd??? You have always had such a beautiful voice so it's about time you had a cd!

  2. Which brother? Wait...it was CHURCH. Got it. Love you! See you soon.

  3. Bree! There's a "buy now" button just to the upper left of my post about the CD :) Thanks! Love you! :)

    Mom...it was Jack...yep!