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Thursday, April 18


I think we all go through moments of self-doubt.

Sometimes...late at night... when I let my mind wander, I allow myself to talk myself out of believing that anything amazing could ever happen to me.

"That only happens in fairy tales" I end up concluding.

"There is no way something this amazing could happen to me, because it never has before."

Why do we do that?? Why do I do that?!

This is a picture of me when I was serving a full-time mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons!) in Adelaide, Australia. This was the most amazing experience I have been blessed with in my life, to date.

And now I ask, "Really, Jamee?? Nothing amazing could ever happen to you?? Think again."

Thank you, Heavenly Father, for reminding me of my blessings.

I will try to be more positive tomorrow :)


  1. An amazing life happens to you. I'd tell the rest of the equation to shape up and get a move on. But, if I have to convince anyone, they don't deserve you. Stay incredible as always. Grimm's fairy-tales before Disney were a little...grim.

  2. I love you, Kris! Thanks!! You are the sweetest, ever. Thanks for having my back :) DITTO to anyone thinking they deserve you...I think I should write an interview for them to pass. I would make sure they all fail :)

  3. Ha I just realized that sounded negative! What I meant was I would be afraid to let anyone pass...as I believe that you are just too fantastic for just "anyone"