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Tuesday, April 6

The first...

Well, here goes.

I've thought of at least 20 different entries for this first blog, and I'm pretty sure my mind was SO overwhelmed that I'm just going to write whatever comes out :) But, because I do tend to jump from one subject to another pretty quickly and easily...think "Squirrel!", from the movie, Up!...I will try to focus on only a few things...with a strong emphasis on TRY :)

First of all, for a little brief overview of what I'm going to try and accomplish with this blog, it's this -
           - I tend to overwhelm friends and family with my "stories" of dating, relationships, my feelings, my goals, etc....so...instead of pouring everything out onto them, I'll send them out into the black hole...i.e.the internet.
           - Help myself share with others what I've learned through my dating experiences. Also, my own self-discoveries through life and the dating process.
          - Give other women - and MEN, if they so desire :) -  a forum in which to discuss their dating/relationship experiences...and hopefully learn from each other!

How did I decide to do this blog about dating?...well....

I was driving in the car with my younger brother last weekend, and telling him how I wanted to start another blog, but I couldn't figure out what to write about. I currently have a blog based more on my spiritual life, spiritual aspects...etc...and wanted to write something that more people can relate to.He said, "what about guy?" HAHA!! I've NOT been dating...on purpose. It's NOT something I want to do right now, so of course I said "no!" Well...after some more talk, I realized...there is nothing else I would have more FUN writing about. :)...for many many reasons...

So, dating can be pretty retarded. REALLY...that's my definition of dating, for now, anyway. Take for instance my most recent experience...I moved for my most recent, ex-boyfriend. Not across town...across states. To say, in short....it didn't work out. Surprise surprise!...

LESSON LEARNED: Never change your life for a guy. If it's meant to be, be patient....and he'll change HIS life...for you.

Everyone should check out my friend, Elaine's blog! I was her roomy in college and loved that she let me shop in her closet before she moved away....Clothed Much.


  1. I think it has to be mutual, the guy shouldn't change his life for you, you shouldn't change it for him, but together, you make something awesome that has both lives together. That way you both give 100%

  2. Jamee you are an amazing woman and with everythign you been through, up and down, you're still smiling! I miss you and can't wait to continue following your blogs!