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Saturday, April 10

There's nothing better than having great friends around to remind u how awesome u r :-) I don't need a man for that! How have friends helped U thru hard times?


  1. Friends are very IMPORTANT!! My friends are amazing! I have never had close girl friends until I met these two in the blog! I have learnt a lot from them, because they are the ones who truely care..not the guys. Friends are forever and I believe I will be friends with these girls for life because they are my life! where as guys use to be my life..if you know me like these two do, you will know that I had a problem with saying the word "no"..I am in the process of breaking that!
    Love you Jamee!! =) (btw, I had written an awesome comment but accidently deleted it =( )

  2. hahaha, love you, too! Oh, this comment is AWESOME :) Woohoo for friends! :)