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Monday, April 5

Golf with my brother...

My brothers are the ONLY men I need in my life right now...why date, when you're emotionally retarded?

Chant it out loud if you are..."I AM emotionally retarded!"

I mean, really...I kissed FIVE guys within two months of breaking up with my last boyfriend. And one I would even call just to make out with him...he knew it...and didn't hate it...oh gosh...I'm an idiot. Everyone participate in my first poll!

Would you rather CHASE/HUNT or be CHASED/HUNTED? :)

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  1. Poll comment: I voted neutral. I think hunting is fine, as long as it yields results(which for me it never really did)...
    but women doing something besides sitting around and asking "when their ship comes in" would be nice :P. If you don't have a man and want one-GO FIND ONE (that you like), and ask him out. Don't wait for 10 guys to ask you and the go: not you, not you, sorry, definitely not you, sorry,Hmm-maybe, ... this is the 21st century!!!
    Well, not that I really care at this point, I'm just posting for future generations of daters. ;)
    ~The tired hunter