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Sunday, April 11

Friends and Fun

Friends are SO important in our lives! Until I met these two great girls while living in a new town in Idaho I wasn't doing very well. I was hopping around from one guy to the next, not making wise decisions and living a pretty depressed and unhappy life. Although, not completely in the dumps all the time, I really needed people around that loved me. I had some family in the area, but did not see them too often, and really needed some girl friends. Let me tell you...once the three of us started hanging out, everything changed! I just LOVE good friends. I have SO many and am very very blessed for that.

There are a few other things I have been thinking about lately that have just frustrated me, and I want to get some feedback from all of you!

WHY do we sometimes think that the only way to have fun is when there is a member of the opposite sex present? I was actually at a recent reception of a friend of mine, dancing away, and realized that many of my friends/acquaintances weren't dancing. When I went up to them to see why, one said "There aren't any guys dancing. When there are more guys, we'll dance." SERIOUSLY?! Wow. I'm amazed at how we sometimes think our happiness has to be dependant upon whether or not someone likes us. Honestly...how often throughout the day do you check your phone to see if the "current flame" has texted you back? Don't get me wrong, everything I say in this blog is something I have felt...I understand all of these things...but can't believe sometimes that I have actually felt them.

MAKE A LIST:: What do YOU want to do in life?...what do YOU want to accomplish. Things that are NOT dependant upon whether or not you find the right one or are married with children. (Thank you Mom for suggesting this to me...) I have started my list and am already up to 26 things...mostly places I want to travel to...can't wait!

Good guy friends:...You know...sometimes when I'm just talking to a good guy friend of mine, and we're having a really great conversation, I think about how well we get along and just want to say -> "Will you marry me?" Seriously...dating is SO overrated. It can be fun...but now it's become monotenous to me...I don't remember the last time I really had FUN with a guy...I mean...fun as in...every time I hang out with him! It's rare now...

PS...Only a few days left to take the poll!...I'm SURPRISED at the outcome so far!

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  1. it's ironic. it's been a while since i was single... but i remember it. once you get married, you yearn for girl nights out. i guess the grass is always greener on the other side!